Argon at a Glance

Headquartered in Great Neck, New York, with production, marketing and program management in Alpharetta (north Atlanta), Georgia, Argon was founded in 1990 and brings over 27 years of experience in designing, producing and supporting a variety of rugged computing and display solutions that serve land-based, naval and airborne military applications worldwide. Our primary markets are found in the ongoing retrofit and new procurement activities for worldwide military organizations for both integrators and end user organizations.

Our business is to bring commerical off the shelf (COTS) rugged solutions to the worldwide military market. With a deep knowledge of what is required to design a rugged product that will survive severe environments, along with the market knowledge and technical know-how to create long term supportable designs, Argon has the depth of knowledge and experience to bring a quality product to the field and provide support for years to come.

Our solutions are also suitable for adjacent applications where extreme, combat like environments are present, such as oil and gas exploration, mining activities and others where the product must reliably operate under extreme environmental conditions.

Argon has cultivated a reputation for working with customers to customize our standard designs to suit specific applications or installations. Over the years our products have demonstrated a high degree of suitability and reliability that can only be achieved from fielded use and periodic updates. As such, Argon is a trusted partner.

Our products include compact, rugged computing tablets and laptops, rugged displays ranging in size from 5.0” (wearable) to 43” (command and control applications), lightweight, mobile computing modules, rugged keyboards and other computing peripherals. Argon can also create combinations of our products to bring subsystem solutions where customers need, for example, complete computing workstations.