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Argon displays are designed to have the smallest bezel width in the industry. Stated another way, the ratio of the viewable area to the total surface area is the largest to be found on the market.


By designing display monitors with the smallest possible bezel outlines, we provide customers with the possibility of using a larger Argon rugged display within the same allocated space of their application. For example, we may get an inquiry or a 10" rugged display, only to learn that the customer can incorporate our 12" rugged display with no changes to their aperture opening or rack space. This provides their customer with a better viewing experience with no impact to their system design.

A "hidden" benefit is that because Argon designs the smallest possible mechanical package from the outset, it becomes easier to incorporate functions or additional I/O that the customer may need and only then we increase the size of the unit, and as little as possible, maybe not at all. Coming at the design from this perspective, as opposed to designing the unit with "extra" space from he beginning ensures the customer has the most compact unit possible with no wasted space.


For our display products that have a touch screen requirement, Argon employs a ruggedized Analog Resistive (AR) technology. The ruggedized touch screen utilizes a glass on glass design (which can incorporate a circular polarizer for improved contrast in the highest of bright environments). This design has been extensively used and provides several advantages over a non-ruggedized AR touch screens and other touch technologies.


An AR touch screen was selected many years ago as it supports the most compact design over other types of touchscreens and is a proven technology in military environments with few, if any, operational issues. In contrast to other touch screen technologies (where there are many fit for use applications for them as well) AR offers several advantages. 

For example, Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) is susceptible to registering hits from water drops or mud splash. Capacitive (such as that used on smart phones and commercial tablets) cannot be used with common military supplied gloves and Infrared types require a large increase in unit depth and may have compatibility issues with NVIS goggles.

A ruggedized AR touch screen minimizes the shortcomings of non ruggedized AR by reducing or eliminating the following issues:

  • Surface Scratching -The top layer of the TS is Glass, not a polymer material resisting scratching from all but the most extreme contact
  • Pillowing - The laminated glass ensures that the polymer material cannot "bubble up" as the glass restricts any movement
  • Delaminating or Brittleness with Temperature Change Over Time - The glass surface reduces the cracking of the polymer that occurs over time with the expansion and contraction of the polymer material
  • No Discoloration - With expansion and contraction of the polymer material and the inevitable scratching that occurs, dirt and oils embed into the unit giving discoloration. The glass surface prevents the introduction of these materials.
ASD70 with Rugged Touchscreen