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Fully Enclosed Units - No Fans


Argon products, including displays and computers, are all designed to have a fully enclosed mechanical package. There are no internal or external fans required for cooling. There are no obvious ingress points for liquid or even the smallest of particles.


With no need for installation measures to accomodate cooling, the Argon product can be installed in a larger variety of locations, requires no special system cooling or protection provisions and can be mounted in a larger number of ways. With no fans, the unit MTBF is higer and there is lower (no) noise generated.

Argon accomplishes this with no compromse to MTBF over the specified operating temperature range. Our propriatary design techniques ensure that internally generated heat is moved to the surface of the unit and away from the components.

In addition to the above benefits, our products can be used in a larger number of harsh environments with no need for console mounting to protect he sides and back of the unit (if an external mount is preferred). This means that the Argon design inherently supports resistance to sand, dust, water and other particulants thay may reduce the life of the unit or induce failures for all sides of the unit