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19” Rack Mount Display Solutions: From 20.1” Legacy to Next Generation 21.3”


Read this white paper about the 19" rack mount display solutions and learn how Argon can help you to select the next generation display for these applications.

Executive Summary

The 20.1” LCD has been the display monitor size of choice for many 19” rack mount installations for many years across military subsystem workstation console applications. The 20.1” LCD, however, is quickly becoming unavailable and should only be considered for spares, legacy support, or programs with very small production demands. For new projects, requiring years of fielding and support, one should consider alternative display solutions, such as 19” or 21.3” LCDs which are 19” rack mountable and are in the growth phase of their life cycle.

Argon can provide both alternative display solutions and has recently entered full production of the 21.3” rugged LCD for C4ISR applications. It has been specifically designed as a suitable form, fit and function replacement of many existing 20.1” solutions, with the added benefit of reduced power consumption, lower weight, an LED backlighting system and smaller depth.

This white paper briefly outlines the history of the traditional 20.1” display market and offers a forward looking solution path for 19” rack mount displays for future system designs.


Download the full article with the PDF-link!