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Argon Corporation is Pleased to Announce our Latest C4ISR Visualization Solution – The AT213


Alpharetta, Georgia – Argon Corporation, designing and manufacturing Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) and customized rugged display monitors and computers, is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed development on our latest integrated workstation product. We have derived this integrated solution from our successful standard 19” rack mount, 9U high 21.3” rugged display, ARK100 rugged keyboard, and our extensive experience with integrating COTS computer modules in our products.

This unit has undergone extensive testing, including environmental and EMI (for naval applications). The baseline configuration includes a 1600x1200 resolution LCD display, with ruggedized analog resistive touch screen, embedded Pico-ITX motherboard for high performance and low power consumption and a 101 button keyboard which is backlit and includes a glide pad with two accompanying selection buttons. A variety of connectors can be custom selected and placed to meet your application needs.

Of course, Argon can customize the processor, I/O and optical characteristics to meet your application.