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Argon - Supplying the Most Compact and Lightweight Solutions on the Market

ASD50 & ACB100, Compact Design

Argon has years of experience in bringing the smallest footprint, bezel thickness and lowest weight to the market. Often times, we surprise our customers by offering an even larger display size than they thought possible for their installation. Our tablets incorporate single board computers within the outline of the display only version. Check our products to see if you can employ a larger viewable surface than you thought possible.

Ruggedization, Among Other Considerations, is a Trade-off Between Rigidity, Ingress Protection, Thermal Management and Compactness

Rigidity & Mounting

Argon Diplays and Computers are designed to use high quality aircraft alumnium.  Well considered positioning of board standoffs and other mounting provisions ensure that the unit can withstand the vibration and shock requirements of the most environmentally demanding applications.

Unit installation mounting provisions can be incorporated per customer requirements, including mounting provisions via threaded inserts on the sides, top and bottom of the unit, flanges, VESA mounting or any other non standard requirements.

Fully Enclosed Units

All Argon products and fully enclosed and use NO internal fans. This means that there are no holesi n the chassis where dirt, sand, dust or other particles can enter the unit.

LCD products incorporate mil standard compounds to prevent any leakage from the front of the display and meet all Mil Std 810 drip proof and rain requirements, including IP67.

Thermal Management

Without the use of fans, particularly in our computing products, the challenge is to design a thermal environment which ensures that the components remain at or below their thermal ratings, thus ensuring long life. Argon designs do just that by using propriatary design techniques to get the heat to the surface of the unit.

Compactness & Low Weight

Dispite the above mentioned design challenges, which work against a compact architecture, Argon is able to design the most compact and low weight rugged products on the market.