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Mount Your Display on Hinges!

Hinged ARD20 Rugged 20" Display

It is difficult to find a compact and elegant method of hinge mounting in the market. Argon offers a system that is unmatched in the market.

Argon offers a unique hinge system for our displays and even keyboards.  Proven on shipboard and airborne applications, hinging units bring a level of maintenance convenience  that is not commonly found in the miltary market.

When performing maintenance behind the display, the user must typically dismantle the unit, disconnect the various cables and set the unit to the side. This can be a cumbersome process as you have to handle the unit, then find a place to set it during maintenance. And if the unit is needed to operate during maintenance, then this is an even bigger challenge.

With a hinge mount, this problem is solved. Simply back out the load bearing mounting bolts and swing the unit open like a refrigerator door! If the cabling is long enough, the unit can remain connected and fully functional.

Argon stands ready to help you with this and other innovative mounting systems.


Visit our SOLUTIONS corner on our website and see what other custom and subsystem integration capabilities we can provide.