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19” Rack Mount Display Solutions: From 20.1” Legacy to Next Generation 21.3”


Read this white paper about the 19" rack mount display solutions and learn how Argon can help you to select the next generation display for these applications.

Executive Summary

The 20.1” LCD has been the display monitor size of choice for many 19” rack mount installations for many years across military subsystem workstation console applications. The 20.1” LCD, however, is quickly becoming unavailable and should only be considered for spares, legacy support, or programs with very small production demands. For new projects, requiring years of fielding and support, one should consider alternative display solutions, such as 19” or 21.3” LCDs which are 19” rack mountable and are in the growth phase of their life cycle.

Argon can provide both alternative display solutions and has recently entered full production of the 21.3” rugged LCD for C4ISR applications. It has been specifically designed as a suitable form, fit and function replacement of many existing 20.1” solutions, with the added benefit of reduced power consumption, lower weight, an LED backlighting system and smaller depth.

This white paper briefly outlines the history of the traditional 20.1” display market and offers a forward looking solution path for 19” rack mount displays for future system designs.


Download the full article with the PDF-link!

Argon Launches the ARD21


21.3” Diagonal, 1600x1200 Resolution, 19” Rack Mount Display with the SWaP You Need

Alpharetta, Georgia – Argon Corporation is pleased to announce the production launch of our 21.3” rugged display monitor. This new product extends our display line and brings the largest viewable area to 19” rack mount requirements on the market.

Some of the key features and benefits of this new product are:

1) Standard 19” Rack Mounting – Until now 20.1” diagonal monitors were the largest size that would fit in a standard 19” rack. Now with Argon’s innovative designs for minimizing the bezel size, while maintaining full Military Standard compliance, users can opt for 21.3” monitors with a native resolution that doesn’t require costly system software changes. In addition, the video card will auto set to nearly any input and optimize the image to fit the screen.

2) LED Backlighting System – The elimination of CCFL backlights from larger area displays means that there are no longer hazardous materials (mercury) and significantly longer life. CCFL’s tend to lose brightness over a shorter time, whereas LED’s do not. Brightness can be better controlled (eliminating the concerns about “dimming ratios”) and overall brightness is higher with significantly less power consumed than previous solutions.

3) Significantly Lower Weight – The ARD21 weighs in at 14.6lbs (6.6kg). The benefits to weight savings are well appreciated within the military market, especially for airborne applications.

4) Lower Power Consumption – The ARD21 consumes only 65W with a brightness of over 450 nits! The lower power consumption not only means a unit that is cooler to the touch and reduced power allocation needs for the monitor, but improved reliability and longer life.

5) Small Mechanical Packaging – Coming in dimensionally at 18.7”(w) x 14.2”(h) x 2.8”(d), the ARD21 has been put on a diet compared to the competition! 19” rack mounting and 8U high with a bezel protrusion of 1.3” leaving 1.5” for behind the console, means more mounting possibilities than ever for C4ISR applications.

6) Analog and Digital Inputs (Standard) – As your computing I/O evolves, there is no need to change the monitor or pay for costly updates. The ARD21 comes standard with both analog RGB and DVI inputs.

The ARD21 is truly a thin and lightweight rugged display supplied with the standard features that you need. With a versatile video card and extremely low power consumption, the ARD21 typifies what our customers mean by lower SWaP. Visit our website or contact Argon directly to learn more about the ARD21.