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Argon Supports Lockheed Martin on the United States Coast Guard HC-130J and HC-144A with 20.1” Rugged Display


Alpharetta, Georgia – Argon Corporation, designing and manufacturing COTS rugged display monitors and computers, is pleased to announce that it has received a production contract for the United States Coast Guard HC-144A employing our ARD20, 20.1” rugged display.

This application required a very specific set of mounting and functional requirements, which Argon met. The production contract was awarded after a successful environmental and EMI test program was concluded.

Argon proposed a variant of our ARD20, shown above. Some of the changes to support the application included additional bezel buttons, adding BNC connectors, mounting modifications, incorporating NVIS and sunlight readability via an LED backlighting system.

With this qualified version of the ARD20, Argon now offers a Form, Fit, Function replacement for command and control installations requiring 19” 9U high rack mounting along with offering NVIS and sunlight readable options.

Comments Mike Forde, COO Argon, “This unit provides not only Lockheed Martin, but all of our customers, with a qualified alternative for C4ISR installations and will serve the market well for years to come. We appreciate the opportunity that Lockheed Martin gave us to support such a critical program and application. We look forward to our continued good relationship.”