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ARD10 - Rugged 10.4" Display Monitor


The Argon ARD10 is a 10.4” rugged display tailored for use in rugged command and control environments. The ARD10 delivers a high performance display solution for a wide variety of applications for naval, ground and airborne environments. Argon’s ARDxx Series of displays have a proven track record of performance and reliability with a large variety of options offered.

Main Features

  • Small Mechanical Outline
  • Hight Brightness
  • Rugged Touchscreen
  • NVG Compatibility
  • Customizable Controls, Connectors and Connector Locations

The ARD10 is a COTS product designed to meet all applicable MIL standards for environmental performance, and leverages common modern commercial technologies to provide a path for long term availability and sustainability. The ARD10 provides a 10.4” diagonal display surface with VGA, SVGA or XGA resolution and delivers an affordable, lightweight solution for your mobile command & control, naval, or airborne application where you need configuration flexibility. Inquire about wide formats.