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ARD21 - Rugged 21.3" Display Monitor

ARD21 - 21.3" rugged display

Argon offers a 21.3” rugged display that is particularly suitable for Command & Control applications where maximum viewable surface area is needed in the smallest mounting possible. The ARD21’s extremely light weight, small bezel size, flexible mounting configurations, configurable I/O, and universal AC/DC power supply make it a valuable solution for many mission critical applications.

Main Features

  • 19" Rack Mounting, 8U/9U Height and 2.8" Depth
  • 65W Power Consumption at 450 nits
  • LED Backlighting System (no Hazardous Materials)
  • Low Weight (15.7lbs)
  • Analog RGB and DVI Inputs Standard
  • Military or Commercial Connectors
  • Fully Enclosed Unit; No Holes or Fans
  • Mil-S-901D Qualified

The ARD21’s 21.3” display is suitable for airborne applications, naval C&C consoles, combat & tactical vehicles, mobile shelters, and other applications. Argon Corp offers the customer a variety of standard options and is ready to customize to ensure that the product meets your exacting requirements. It is a FFF replacement for many of the legacy, obsolete 20.1" rugged displays.