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AT150 - 15" Rugged Tablet


The AT150 is a full-featured combat ready tablet, where Argon has integrated a standard processor into our long selling ARD15, 15" rugged display. It comes with a wide variety of standard options, and Argon is prepared to customize the tablet to ensure that the product meets your exacting requirements.

Main Features

  • Integrated 15.1" LCD and 6th Gen Intel i7 Processor 
  • Small Mechanical Outline
  • Low Weight
  • High Brightness
  • Military or Commercial Connectors
  • Analog Resistive Touch Screen
  • Fully Enclosed Unit

Argon offers a 15” rugged display with an embedded computer that is particularly suitable for Command & Control applications where space is at a premium such as in combat & tactical vehicles, mobile shelters, and close-in naval spaces. The AT150’s small bezel size, flexible mounting configurations, powerful processors (customer can choose from a variety on the market) configurable I/O, and universal AC/DC power supply make it a valuable solution for many mission critical applications.