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KVM Switch Fiber Optic Extender Set

Fiber Extender

Argon offers a rugged Tranmitter and Reciver with fiber optic cable communications between the pair for applications where the distance between the HMI and remote computers is significant.

 Main Features

  • Supports up to 400m  Distance Between Transmitter and Receiver
  • Local Loopback at Transmitter
  • Video Resolution up to 1900 x 1200 @ 60Hz
  • Remote DDC Support
  • AC & DC Power Inputs
  • Analog or Digital Extender Available

Argon's rugged Transmitter takes DVI and USB inputs from a local workstation KVM Switch, converts the signals, and transmits them over a fiber optic connection. On the downstream side, the rugged Receiver accepts the fiber optic input and reproduces the UBS and DVI signals with virtually no latency. Together, the extender set provides excellent two way communication. This allows a workstations keyboard, pointing device, and display to be located up to 400m away. Argon's Rugged Fiber Optic Extender product provides reliable, low-latency transmission and implements an effective solution for remote placement of operator displays and input devices.