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Reference Projects

In 2013, after a lengthy vetting process, Argon was selected to supply the 21.3" rugged display for the AWACS Block 40/45 rugged display update.


Among other differentiators, Argon was able to maintain a competitive edge by providing a prototype in two months. But this was not just any prototype. A requirement was to provide a lower power, LED backlit 21.3" unit. At that time there was only one supplier of such an LCD and it was not yet in production. Argon was able to secure a number of pre production LCD's and integrate it into a unit, then deliver that unit for qualification testing. The unit passed all initial testing, including a key test - RE-102 with performance exeeding the customer expectation by 10dB.

The ARD21 provides about half the weight, half the depth and half the power of similar units. All while maintaining the largest viewable area for 19" rack mounting on the market today. The LCD is in the growth phase of its life cycle, ensuring availabiliity for years to come. Argon can provide this unit with a wide variety of inputs, including VGA, DVI, RS-170, S-Video and 5 wire BNC (RGB/HV). The unit has been 901D qualified.

The ARD21 is in full production and is quickly becoming the display of choice as an alternative to the aging 20.1" LCD, 19" rack mount, 8/9U high units.


See the ARD21 page on this web site for more details and a product spec. Don't hesitate to contact Argon for more information.

In support of International P-3 projects, Argon has supplied L-3 Communications with 20.1” rugged displays for their mission equipment. The ARD20 was modified to support an 8U high 19" rack mount operator position. It was supplied with hinges, which endure high vibration and shock, yet are extremely small. These hinges allow the user to swing the unit open while mounted and electrically connected to gain access to electronic equipment or other material stored behind the display.

P-3 Orion ARD20

The Argon ARD20 rugged display is a low weight, compact, yet highly reliable, high-resolution 20.1” viewable image tailored for use in Airborne, Naval or Land Based Vehicle mission critical applications.

Key features include:

  • 20” 1600x1200 Full Color LCD Display
  • Less than 2” Depth
  • Hinged Mounting
  • 8U Mechanical Package
  • AC or DC Power with Flexible Mounting and I/O
  • Latest Models have been Supplied with High Bright/NVIS LED Backlighting Systems